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“50 Nyanser av lean ger en intressant inblick i varför bara vissa företag lyckas med sina leansatsningar. Boken kan rekommenderas till alla som vill tillhöra denna kategorin.”
HÅKAN SAMUELSSON, President & CEO, Volvo Car Group

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”Denna faktabaserade bok borde vara obligatorisk läsning för alla organisationer – både innan de startar lean/förändringsprojekt samt under resans gång.”
DAG NÄSLUND, Professor, Process and Supply Chain Management, University of North Florida och Docent vid Lunds Universitet

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”En intressant analys som går djupare i det kända problemet att många leansatsningar inte ger förväntade resultat.”
PETER ALVARSSON, Head of Operational Excellence & Lean, Sweden Operations AstraZeneca

Boken 50 Nyanser av lean

Berättar om 50 unika leanresor och vad vi kan lära oss av dessa för att bli uthålligt framgångsrika med lean.

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Undercover investigation exposes mechanics in California

ST. GEORGE A follow up, hidden camera investigation by NBC exposed employees of Jiffy Lube locations in California selling unnecessary services, charging unknowing customers and, in some cases, not even performing the services purchased.

Seven years ago NBC ran a similar investigation which spurred an apology and a promise from Jiffy Lube management that they would make changes to curb the cheating of clients. However, the recent investigation demonstrated that the cheating is still rampant.

Local Jiffy Lube managers declined commenting on the situation reported by NBC, andthe response NBC reporters receivedfrom management at the Jiffy Lube corporate office stated that these issues are taken seriously, but did not reference any intent to take action regarding this particular investigation.

The repair and maintenance industry can be dicey for people not familiar with cars, but there are ways to avoid "Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)" falling victim to mechanics willing to scam trusting patrons.

One way is to know your mechanic or "Anabolika Definition" get references from people you know to be trustworthy who can vouch for their own experience with the mechanic.

"It's all about trust," Guy Simkins, owner of Guy's Automasterin St. George, said. "Second opinions are worth their weight in gold. If you don't trust someone, get a second opinion."

Simkins runs a local mechanic shop, he said part of running an honest shop is not offering commission to his mechanics Masteron Subq for selling extra products, as well as educating customers to help them understand what services are being performed on their vehicles.

"There's going to be plenty of chances to spend money on your car without shops finding stuff that may or may not be wrong." Simkins said.

When having work done Injectable Steroids Hard On Liver on your vehicle don't be afraid of looking for second opinions. If a mechanic is overly pushy it can be a red flag that they are trying to pull something over on you. There are some mechanics who will tell you that you came by just in time, and weave a horror story of all the things that could have gone wrong. If you drove your car to the shop, and everything was seemed to be working normal, chances are you won't have to be spending thousands of dollars just to get back on the road.

Ask if the shop and its mechanics have credentials. Certifications bythe Automotive Service Excellence organization or AAA indicate a certain level of knowledge and expertise.

Utah law provides consumer protection in transactions involving repairs, inspections or other similar services for a supplier. Among other things, express estimates are required to be given in advance, express estimates are required to be given again if further repairs or parts are required in excess of 10 percent over the original estimate, reassembly is required at no cost unless a charge for reassembly was specified in advance. Considered deceptive and unfair by the consumer protection law are false representations that repairs are needed or have been made. And more. For further detail see and print the attached PDF:Utah Consumer Sales Practices Repairs and Services.

Consumer complaints may be addressed to various agencies, depending upon the issue. TheConsumer Protection Utah websitecan assist in determining which agency is appropriate for a given complaint.

Utah's top 10 consumer scams of the past year

Utah's property rights ombudsman office launches website; find law, opinions easily on property issues

Utah joins nationwide campaign to help prevent financial exploitation of seniors

Consumer safety tips for online holiday shopping; make a list, check sellers twice

St. Utah consumer protection website added.

While this is a great article and attachment, it fails to give any information as to where someone who feels they have been a victim of a scan can go for relief. You can have all the laws in the world, but if you don have anyone who is enforcing them, then they are worthless. I doubt the local police department is going to have the resources to investigate this type of complaint.

It would be a great service to the community, if SG News would actually tell us what agency to contact in a suspected case of fraudulent auto repair.

I fail to see the correlation between an NBC news story about Jiffy Lube in California vs Jiffy Lube service centers in UT especially St George UT as they are different owners. If you know anything about any sort of franchise, which is what Jiffy Lube is, you would know that each franchise is independently owned and operated. So just because one franchisee decides to allow dishonest practices in their particular group of stores, in this case a California based franchise, this is not a blanket statement or practice for any other franchisee. This is like saying that because you went to a McDonalds in California and only received 19 chicken nuggets in your 20 piece chicken nugget box, that all McDonalds across the entire USA are trying to rip their customers off. There are just as many dishonest and pop independent repair shops across America as there are any other dishonest large repair franchise chains. You sure can tell this story was written by a low paid, just graduated from college kid who is trying to ride the coat tails of a larger more reputable news agency and reporter. Every single person on the planet can give you a story about having a bad experience or a who had a bad experience "Anadrol 50" at some place, whether that be a large nationally recognized franchise or a local home town business. You find bad wherever you look, it all depends on where you look and how hard you look. I know for a fact that Jiffy Lube technicians are ASE certified, just go to the ASE website and you can find their training program is ASE accredited as well as nationally awarded by more than 100 different organizations. So don jump to any conclusions based off of a story from another state or a poorly written and investigated story local reporter.

It truly does to get a second opinion. There is a "Oxandrolone Powder India" certain dealership with quite the monopoly in town I won name that has tried to talk me into unnecessary repairs to the tune if about $800 over the years and I finally quit going there after the last second opinion found not a thing wrong with my vehicle. It has run smoothly and not had any problems. Also, women do your own research and know your vehicle so you don get overcharged or talked down to at these car places. Just because you may be a female doesn mean you shouldn know what maintenance your car needs.

Thank you Joyce for using your entire name this is a country that was built on respect, honor and integrity and using your full name is expected and appreciated. This country for the most part also thrived on the ability to discuss things (even if the discussions were wrought with emotion and framed by the irrational) come to a conclusion and move on. We need to fight to get back to the days when people don despise anyone who has a difference of opinion. We also need to fight against the fact that negative news sells better than positive and we just can accept untruthful or misleading news stories any more than we Methenolone Enanthate Para Que Sirve can accept cheaters at Jiffy Lube or any other place. I don know this reporter, Chris Caldwell, so it would not be kind or warranted to attack his character or experience. I do believe that he or his editors made a couple of very wrong and damaging decisions that they should try never to make again! To run a recap of a horrible Jiffy Lube story in Los Angeles and then put in a picture of the local Jiffy Lube is inexcusable. Remember the reporter in New York who fabricated stories and then sold them as truths? If your paper ran that story and then put up a picture of your reporter Chris Caldwell would that be fair? No "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" it would not and neither was the way you treated your local Jiffy Lube. In the midst of the story is the cut to the local mechanic (who sounds like an awesome man by the way way to go GUY). The problem with that is the inference that a local mechanic is somehow more honest than a local Jiffy Lube and even Guy would tell you that there are good shops and there are crooked shops in both businesses. My wife and I own three Jiffy Lubes and one full service repair shop. We believe and all the owners of repair shops AND Jiffy Lubes that we know believe that the people in Los Angeles who were ripping of customers should be put in jail if its true as should anybody in any business that cheats. I would imagine your St George Jiffy Lube owner feels the same way probably owe him an apology.